Bespoke training for triathlon, duathlon, swimming, running

Using TrainingPeaks, our plans are completely bespoke and tailored to your requirements.

For £70 setup fee and £70/month you will receive

  • Weekly training schedule via TrainingPeaks based on 4 week cycles
  • Specific, targeted swim/bike/run/brick sessions
  • Target pace, effort and Heart Rate training zones included in all sessions
  • Two way feedback on training progress
  • Unlimited email contact with your coach(24 hour response)
  • Unlimited plan amendments
  • Weekly updates with your coach on how the plan is progressing for you
  • Event preparation 

Following an initial, in-depth, consultation we develop a  training plan that will fit around your lifestyle and current fitness level. Based on your specific goals the plan will ensure that you are race ready for your target events.

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