Dealing with Injury

We’ve all been there; training going well, fitness improving, goals are being attained, then bang, along comes an injury and it all goes out of the window. It can be quite devastating

I haven’t run for two weeks due to a calf injury sustained while out on a long run. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more sensible in how I deal with injuries. Giving it some thought, below are some of the tools I’ve used to help cope with an injury.

  • Mourn - at first, allow yourself to feel sad, pissed off, angry, don’t try to be a tough, let it out. But mourning should only be a quick, short, therapeutic stage. You don’t want to lose friends or family by moping.
  • Coulda, shoulda, woulda - it is what it is, don’t dwell on what could or should have been. Move on constructively. Learn from what mistakes may have led to the injury and change them so you don’t end up in the same situation again
  • Amend your goals - it may mean that you have to change what you are aiming for and create new goals to make small steps towards recovery. Your “compete” goal for an event may have to be changed to a “complete”
  • Be patient - recovery takes time and rest and that’s about it really. Don’t rush or try to force your recovery or get back into training too early. Listen to your body and the experts
  • Stay positive - Easy for me to say, but if you have allowed yourself to mourn(above) then it will help to remain positive as you will have got rid of those initial negative feelings. An injury forces your body to rest and recover itself
  • Keep training - if you can. Do something different as long as it doesn’t exacerbate the injury; kick sets in swimming, indoor turbo etc. Sometimes it's quite refreshing to do something different
  • Family time - spend more time with your loved ones, make the investment with your biggest fans and support crew.

A period of injury can be tough mentally, but be patient, don’t dwell on it and see it as an opportunity to do some different things. I’m off for a run now.